3 Inns, 1400 km, and Endless Inspiration

Dust settles on sun-kissed roads, cameras click in rhythmic harmony, and smiles light up every corner – our recent adventure for African Sky was nothing short of a photographic whirlwind! For three glorious days, our team embarked on a marathon journey, spanning over 1400 kilometres across the charming landscape of Eastern South Africa, capturing the essence of three iconic Inns: Ermelo Inn, Newcastle Inn, and Harrismith Inn.

Our odyssey began at the historic Ermelo Inn, where time gracefully whispers between the walls. We revelled in the architectural whispers of a bygone era, translating the warmth of crackling fireplaces and antique charm into timeless portraits.

Stepping into Newcastle Inn, the air buzzed with a modern rhythm. Here, we embraced the contemporary flair and vibrant energy, playing with light and angles to showcase the Inn’s sophisticated elegance.

Finally, Harrismith Inn welcomed us with its breathtaking mountain backdrop. We stood awestruck as the landscape unfurled, a canvas painted with golden sunsets and star-studded nights. Through our lenses, we captured the Inn’s rustic charm nestled amidst this majestic panorama, whispering tales of adventure and tranquillity.

Now, as we sift through hundreds of breathtaking shots, the true magic of this marathon unfolds. Each image promises a glimpse into the soul of these Inns, inviting you to step into their worlds and experience the warmth, wonder, and timeless beauty that awaits.

Route Map for African Sky