Capturing Nature’s Beauty:

We’re excited to offer a glimpse into our recent photo session at Africamps, situated alongside the calm banks of the Sabie River between Hazyview and Sabie. This beautiful location, where we’ve had the honor of capturing the essence of Africamps once again, embodies the epitome of nature’s untouched beauty.

Africamps at Mackers

Africamps at Mackers isn’t just a spot; it’s a refuge – a sanctuary where nature flourishes, uninterrupted and pristine. Our camera aimed to capture the serenity that fills every corner, every moment spent in this picturesque hideaway.

This return visit is significant for us, evoking memories of the early days after Africamps at Mackers first opened. From then until now, the essence remains unchanged – a sanctuary for those seeking comfort amidst nature’s marvels.

Join us on this visual voyage as we reveal the unspoiled beauty and peace of Africamps at Mackers on the Sabie River’s banks.